Why Choose Us

The most sought-after family office advisory firms and specialists distinguish themselves by recognizing and meeting each investor’s unique and distinct needs and requirements. Euro Credit has adopted a mandate to refer clients only to advisors that satisfy this profile and that draw on the expertise and talent of an international group of wealth managers and consultants to offer creative and tailored family office wealth management solutions.

We are confident that the independent advisors in our network can deliver wealth management solutions and provide day-to-day management and implementation of family office services with a sophisticated design and administration. Those consultants and advisors have access to the most sophisticated technology to perform research, process orders, track and record asset performance and transfers, and analyze and report results across every platform. They maintain local teams that work in concert with our global offices and affiliates to offer investors the best and most efficient access to both traditional and emerging market investment opportunities.

We also give our financing and lending clients an entrée to wealth management services that reflect their desire for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investment strategies without sacrificing wealth creation opportunities or compromising their financial objectives and goals. We identify and align ourselves with third-party advisors that research and identify investment vehicles that are designed to achieve specific objectives, including “green” bonds and direct equity investments in companies that aim to have a positive impact on specific ESG issues. The result is an ESG investment strategy that is as unique as every individual family office structure, and that derives the maximum benefit of our financing and liquidity solutions.  

Unlike generalist firms, Euro Credit remains uniquely sensitive to an investor's liquidity needs. Our tailored financing and lending solutions advisors facilitate family office investments in capital markets, real estate, and business and commercial assets without compromising liquidity. We accomplish this with secured debt financing for liquid assets and equity stakes in publicly-traded enterprises, structured financing solutions, financing for commercial, industrial, and residential real estate, private aircraft or watercraft lease and purchase financing, and lending for procurement of collectible assets.   

We have worked tirelessly to form alliances with independent family office consultants and advisors that have extensive experience in planning and preserving a family’s wealth through estate planning, life insurance, and transfers of family businesses. They invariably utilize a holistic and objective approach to estate planning that structures an estate plan around the ultra-high net worth individual with cross border solutions and full international legal and tax advice.

In sum, family offices choose to align themselves with Euro Credit for exclusive access to independent wealth managers, global affiliations, and local expertise. The combined efforts of independent advisors deliver a coordinated range of services to ultra-high net worth investors that other private banks cannot offer, including third-party, unbiased expertise in asset allocation and structuring, tax and estate planning, pension and retirement income services, philanthropic consulting, and management of private assets such as art and other collectibles.

Clients deserve family office services that are customized for each specific situation with investment products and liquidity solutions that are wholly independent of the entities that form and manage those products.

We strive to do more than create ephemeral connections. We view each client relationship as a long-term partnership marked by loyalty and flexibility. The combined effect of this strategy is to optimize investment and wealth management results and to give clients near-direct access to the cash liquidity in their portfolios with the most efficient cost structures that are available in the wealth management industry. 

Euro Credit is a direct provider of certain specific services. Euro Credit reserves the right to refer inquiries for some services to third parties that are licensed or registered to provide those services where licensing or registration may be required by the laws of the applicable jurisdictions in which those services are offered. Euro Credit provides its services fully in accordance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations of all jurisdictions in which it conducts business or otherwise engages in transactions with contracting counterparts, either directly to the extent that an obligation, exemption, or exclusion for licensure applies, or otherwise through third-party licensees.