Euro Credit has developed referral relationships with premier providers of multi-faceted merger and acquisition services in all aspects of debt and equity financing, restructuring, valuation, and strategic consulting. With those relationships, we facilitate connections to international experts with specific skills in guiding private enterprises, closely-held companies, and family businesses through all facets of complex transactions to maximize value and set a path for strong and consistent growth.

We have leveraged our presence as a leading international resource for collateralized securities loans to give our clients greater access to independent licensed financial advisors that can secure the optimum financing solutions without exposing them to conflicts between the banks that are serving their needs and their prospective advisors.

Euro Credit has structured its financing and liquidity solutions business with a view toward four trends that are driving change in the services desired by ultra-high net worth investors:

Clients Demand Custom Solutions

The financial landscape has changed rapidly and irreversibly over the past ten years, and the pace of that change is accelerating. In this environment, clients demand and bespoke, value-added services. No two clients bring the same requirements and challenges to the same kinds of transactions, and every business requires an innovative and creative financing solution that is tailored to its specific needs and goals. To deliver these custom solutions, Euro Credit gives clients a conduit to independent advisors and consultants who collaborate with clients to support day-to-day needs from the very beginning to the very end of every engagement. Those advisors and consultants are uniquely attuned to a client's needs for privacy and security in every transaction. They monitor the implementation and administration of recommendations to match actual results to predicted performance. To ensure quality performance and services, we rely on a range of third-party capabilities to give clients access to the optimal strategic and financial recommendations via a global network of resources and proprietary technology platforms.

The Definition of “Partnership” has Changed

Since its inception, Euro Credit has established a mission of building client relationships on a foundation of trust and confidence in a partnership environment. The independent third-party advisors and consultants in our referral network have adopted a similar mission with an enhanced focus on strategic planning and other services that empower clients to systematically build a business before, during, and after the execution and administration of every transaction and investment. When a client approaches us for a financing or liquidity solution, the client’s interests come first. Our loan originators act with passion for a client’s business, with a shared sense of mission, and with a full commitment to the client's success. Our loan originators, underwriters, and administrators monitor and take responsibility for every client engagement. When a loan is closed and funded, a senior administrator retains responsibility for loan servicing while the loan is performing and until its termination.

Industry Lines are Blurring

Rather than focus on one or a small number of industry categories, such as healthcare, technology, or retail, the financial advisors and consultants that are in Euro Credit’s referral network perceive industry convergence and both horizontal and vertical integration of opportunities in the sectors in which our clients operate. They accomplish this without forfeiting expert knowledge of a singular sector by recognizing the importance of understanding those various sectors as well as their value drivers, growth opportunities, and challenges. This multi-industry expertise supports client needs and allows investors to make rapid changes that ensure successful solutions or outcomes.

Thinking Globally Means Acting Locally

Euro Credit has developed referral relationships with financial advisors and consultants who maintain local presences in all major financial markets. Their local market expertise and immediate ability to recognize local trends provide direct benefits to investors interested in those markets. Further, their services succeed by integrating that local presence with the global reach of the referral network, which includes strategic equity investors and top-tier capital sources in various regions. The interconnectivity of the current financial markets gives clients multiple options when selecting financial advisory services. We stand out by offering a fundamental rethinking of the client engagement model that pivots from capabilities or service orientation to a client-centric, bespoke model. The combined efforts of our direct lending and liquidity originators and the independent consultants and advisors in our network enable the orchestration of innovative and customized solutions to address the increasingly complex needs of closely-held companies and family businesses.

Our lending and liquidity services give businesses readily-available cash that can be used to navigate through complex business transactions, to maximize value, and to achieve the most favorable outcomes. We are proud to provide a novel lending structure that captures the value that is locked into frozen assets. Our clients use that value to seize opportunities, mitigate challenges, and improve their businesses and financial strategies at every phase of their corporate existence

Euro Credit is a direct provider of certain specific services. Euro Credit reserves the right to refer inquiries for some services to third parties that are licensed or registered to provide those services where licensing or registration may be required by the laws of the applicable jurisdictions in which those services are offered. Euro Credit provides its services fully in accordance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations of all jurisdictions in which it conducts business or otherwise engages in transactions with contracting counterparts, either directly to the extent that an obligation, exemption, or exclusion for licensure applies, or otherwise through third-party licensees.