Debt Financing


Euro Credit’s financing services and liquidity solutions complement the consulting capabilities of the independent debt financing specialists who advise privately-owned and sponsor-backed companies on securing debt capital and structured debt financing for organic growth, strategic acquisitions, dividend recapitalizations, and refinancings of existing debt facilities. The lending transactions that are engineered by Euro Credit and the debt advisory services offered by third-party specialists go beyond the packaged debt solutions that traditional commercial and investment banks might provide. 

Euro Credit maintains alliances with specialists that begin each client engagement with a thorough due diligence analysis of the client's existing debt in the greater context of the client's overall financial picture. Where a closely-held company or family-owned business has taken on debt to finance operations, those specialists formulate options to replace that debt with alternate financial structures that enhance the company's net profits. In conjunction with Euro Credit’s novel lending transactions, we see debt specialists that deliver comprehensive solutions that focus on growing the company without increasing risks of facing either a voluntary or involuntary restructuring.

The independent consultants and advisors who satisfy our strict referral standards work closely with clients to optimize their debt structures. As with all services that we and other independent advisors provide, the resulting debt financing is a mechanism that creates a long-term partnership, which further serves to add valuable management and operational expertise to grow existing business and to create new opportunities. The aggregate process leverages the talents and expertise of independent and unbiased international debt financing specialists that have access to a multitude of financing resources to ensure that the final debt financing strategies and recommendations serve the client’s needs without imposing undue burdens.

Our financing referral resources include institutional lenders throughout the global credit industry, commercial banks, private equity resources, government investment arms, business development companies (BDCs), insurance companies, and family offices. In all cases the client gets access to proprietary research and analysis tools and technology to access real-time market intelligence on current market terms, lending trends, and structural alternatives. That data is the strongest resource to negotiate favorable debt solutions for every client.

Euro Credit is a direct provider of certain specific services. Euro Credit reserves the right to refer inquiries for some services to third parties that are licensed or registered to provide those services where licensing or registration may be required by the laws of the applicable jurisdictions in which those services are offered. Euro Credit provides its services fully in accordance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations of all jurisdictions in which it conducts business or otherwise engages in transactions with contracting counterparts, either directly to the extent that an obligation, exemption, or exclusion for licensure applies, or otherwise through third-party licensees.